Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Finds featuring...

The Muddy Raven

We love functional art and at The Muddy Raven is exactly what you'll find.

She creates highly decorated pieces of ceramic art.  Each piece is freehand decorated and since they are made to order no two pieces are exactly the same (even in a set).  

The ceramic pieces are usually wheel thrown, but occasionally you will find hand built items.  The Sgraffito (hand carved) technique is used for surface decoration.

The pieces that are used for food and beverage are always glazed with food safe materials.  

The artist and creator of The Muddy Raven is "Katherine Heicksen", pottery is her obsession. She does however likes to sketch, paint, photography and make jewelry, which you will find in her shop as well.

If you're like us and love unique functional art then be sure to check out more of The Muddy Raven's work.

Photos are courtesy of The Muddy Raven all rights are reserved. 

We'll see you next week at "Friday Finds" with Dark Decors.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Finds by DaRk DeCoRs

Summertime is quickly approaching us, which means you've been working hard getting your garden and yard ready for barbecues and parties by the pool. So what better way to show off your hard work with these fabulous garden and yard statues.

At PhenomeGnome, you will find unique garden sculptures from top quality concrete in all price ranges.

Her garden art comes in a variety of  intricate skull designs, garden dragons, spiritual statues for that Zen garden and so much more.

No garden is complete without a flipping the finger gnome, which happens to be our personal favorite.

Now a few words about the artist in her own words...

"I have always had a love for all fantasy related things and it has long been a dream of mine to bring my imagination to life in various artistic ways.

I started to create artwork from my little back yard sanctuary just for my personal enjoyment.  Then my friends and family began asking me to make things for them.  

The next thing I knew...I was blessed with true magic."

We hope you like this week "Friday Finds by DaRk DeCoRs".  Please visit PhenomeGnome to see more of her beautiful work.

We'll see you next week for more of our fabulous finds.