Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Finds

Today's finds are all about "creative" lighting.

These felt lamps are designed by Vanja Bazdulj.  They are made out of wool felt which is molded and painted.  Vanja is interested in playful and experimental use of materials.

"The light in a house is as if our idea is born.  It is the challenge of the senses and a game of passion.  It is the most important thing to make a house vivid", by Fragiskos Bitros of FMFOS.  The chandelier on the left, "Roots" was inspired by a yoga excercise...the notion of taking root in the ground, spreading out and grounding one's self.  The other one, "Metal Flowers", there are 45 bulbs...and who doesn't like flowers.

These lights almost look like bird wings or bat wings.  They are made out of crushed mulberry bark fibers which have been turned into a pulp.  Mulberry is an invasive plant in Asia.  B. Alter, la torre cruz is the designer from the Philippines.

Aren't these two simply gorgeous!  Meet Anthony, founder and owner of "Primo Glass", specializing in handcrafted glass creations and custom lighting fixtures.  They blow and fuse the glass at the studio in their retail location located in Pier Village in Long Branch, NJ.  If you're a local or live close by, be sure to check out their retail store.

Last but far from least, "The Tornado" by Daniel Hopper Design.  Daniel's goal is to use metal to help bring a space to life, for viewers to be inspired to describe his work with adjectives not nouns, like strong, quiet, dramatic.  He likes to use patterns and design concepts found in nature, to allow his pieces to become their own being, rather than force them to represent or imitate nature.  I think, Daniel, definitely accomplished his goal with this piece.  Be sure to go to his website to see more of his fabulous work.

I hope you like this weeks "Friday Finds" by Dark Decors.

*All photos are property of each of the designers.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

CaN't WaIt!

Our favorite holiday is quickly approaching. Those spooking pumpkin tea light holders can be purchased in our shop, click here.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Finds

Our favorite holiday is quickly approaching...HaLLoWeeN! 

We couldn't help but share with you, "The Dusty Raven Gallery".

Dan Towell is the owner, curator and designer. His creations reflect his drive to create and re-define.  He gathers what has been left by nature and man and integrates it into whimsical and unique works of art.

He's even inspired from a popular children's book, "Charlotte's Web".

We love that "Halloween" seems to be a favorite of his as well...

Spiders (listing for two blue)

With Fall just around the corner as well, he creates beautiful Fall flowers from vintage metal boxes, each one cut and shaped by hand.

There is so much more to see at "The Dusty Raven Gallery". 

Thanks for joining us for Dark Decors' "Friday Finds".

All photos are property of Dan Towell.