Friday, May 29, 2015

Something new...

We were cleaning and straightening up our office/work space and as usual something catches one of our eyes.  Poof, an idea comes to mind and well you HAVE to stop and put it into action (cleaning is not fun anyway).

This photo of our office cat was sitting on the table and over on the wall were all these fabulous frames.

Grabbed a canvas out of the closet and put the photo down on it, then added the frame and at the same time my business partner and I said..."let's paint stripes and make it look like a dirty circus tent".  Great dark minds think

Voila!  Our 'rescue panther' and 'resident muse', Ciaran and his pet spider.

We're in the designing stages of making more with different painted backgrounds, some with original artwork/art photography and some where you'll be able to add your own photo or artwork.  

So stay tuned, there's more Dark Decors to come!