Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Finds

Makeover Your Home with these Simple Steps

We all love to decorate our homes especially when our tastes change or simply just get bored with the way the decor looks.

In today's "Friday Finds", we're going to give you a few tips that we've found to hopefully help you re-decorate without breaking your wallet.

1.  Paint your existing photo frames:

I'm sure we all have frames on our walls that could use a makeover.  It's fast and easy to do and the results will make you happy.

2.  Change up your throw pillows:

Wanting a new furniture or maybe just a new chair for that corner but really can't afford it...what should you do?  Buy some throw pillows to liven up that old sofa.  Purchase throw pillows that are completely different from your current ones will instantly give your room a new look!

3.  Rearrange your furniture:

This is possibly the best way to redecorate without spending any money.  You can simply rearrange one room or go into other rooms and take items that would go somewhere else in the house.   Taking pieces from other rooms and mixing them up will give your home a new feel.

4.  Plants...adding plants:

There are few things that can bring life into a room like green leafy plants or fresh flowers in beautiful and unique vases.  Try adding them to an area that needs a little brightening up.  

5.  Adding Mirrors:

Fact: Mirrors always makes a room look larger. Hang one opposite a window to give the room an illusion of more light and an airy feel.  It's a great mini makeover for any room, give it a try.

6.  Framed Artwork:

If you have old magazine, calendars, greeting cards (we all seem to save them) or even that sweet stuffed animal your wee one would never let go of...frame it!  Get creative look around your home, you'd be surprised by what you already have and never thought of to hang on your walls.

Here is a little video we found from a designer, Blanche Garcia, that gives some easy to do decorating tips.

We hope you found this weeks "Friday Finds" helpful and fun.

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